Wheel Refinishing & Straightening Services

Wheel Refinishing & Straightening Services from The Palm Beach Garage West Palm Beach

Have you recently struck a curb, nailed a massive pothole, or become tired of the unsightly appearance of brake dust buildup on your rim(s)? Often times we think our rims to be indestructible but the reality is a slightly or significantly bent wheel can lead to more than poor aesthetics.

At The Palm Beach Garage, our wheel refinishing and straightening services will help you determine if your damaged rim is creating unsafe driving conditions, ruining the smoothness of your ride, leading to uneven wear on your tires, or decreasing fuel economy.

We can also address the dark pitting caused by brake dust buildup on your rims, helping make your rims look like new while saving the expense of buying a brand new set.


See some of our wheel refinishing and straightening services

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Wheel Straightening

Bent wheels can create more than just an eye sore. Why pay for new rims when you can get them straightened at The Palm Beach Garage?Using premium wheel straighteners and state-of-the-art precision hydraulics, we measure for 100% accuracy before getting you back on the road.

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Cracked Wheel Repair

Many of today’s high performance and luxury cars come equipped with sleek, low profile tires. However, these thinner tires can equate to more wear and tear on your rims and often result in a crack.Our team of repair technicians can determine if your cracked rim can be fixed and perform a meticulous weld to get you back behind the wheel.

The Palm Beach Garage Wheel Repair

Custom Refinishing

Whether you are just looking to get the original luster of your rims that was compromised due to brake dust or are looking into customizing your rims with powder coating, a change of color, or an edgy matte finish, we can help. Contact our team to learn more about the custom refinishing services you’ll only find at The Palm Beach Garage.

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Curb Damage Repair

Grinding up next to a curb can make you cringe and cause severe damage to your rims. With our curb repair and refinishing services, we’ll make your rim(s) like new again for a fair price.