Morgan Service

& Auto Repair West Palm Beach

Many Morgan vehicles were made entirely by hand, making them extremely rare and sensitive to care. This is why Morgan automobile owners in the Palm Beaches exclusively trust their British roadsters to the professionals at The Palm Beach Garage.

When you require top-notch maintenance, repair, or restoration services for your Morgan, contact The Palm Beach Garage to experience our white-glove treatment. We’ll pickup, dropoff, and wash your car as part of your appointment, and we even offer vehicle storage for our seasonal residents.

Morgan West Palm Beach
Morgan West Palm Beach

Morgan Quality Diagnostic & Repair

An annual health check is the most ideal way to keep your Morgan on the road for years to come. The unique skill sets of the mechanics and technicians at The Palm Beach Garage ensure your car will get a full visual inspection, lights and levels check, and suspension grease when needed.

If you have a newer model Morgan subject to modern day computer diagnosis, our factory-grade diagnostic equipment can help to check for issues and potential wear that requires replacement. A regular diagnostic checkup — the factory calls it a “Winter or Summer health check” — ensures safety, reliability, and performance season after season.

Morgan West Palm Beach

Morgan Maintenance, Repair, & Restoration

The Palm Beach Garage utilizes factory-recommended maintenance plans for all of our clients. This means that we will keep track of service recommendations for your Morgan and even schedule the pickup and delivery of your vehicle as a courtesy.

If your car needs any upgrades, repairs, or restorations, our servicemen can coordinate virtually any type of interior or exterior service imaginable. From custom upholstery upgrades, to audio/visual enhancements, to paintless dent repair, to engine overhauls and paint jobs, our team can expertly handle it all.

Morgan West Palm Beach

Protect Your Warranty & Save Your Money

The Palm Beach Garage’s Morgan repair and maintenance services are generally eligible under your factory warranty. We’ll use the manufacturer’s recommended fluids as well as parts and report all services to Carfax. If you have any questions about our Morgan warranty services please get in touch with us and we’ll determine if there are any limitations under your warranty that may prevent you from working with independent shops before we start any work.

Repair Service Not Listed? Don’t worry.

As a complete auto repair and service center, we offer these essential services and even more.  And if you’re not seeing a specific repair service, give us a call at 561-223-3984 or contact The Palm Beach Garage.

Additional Repair Services:

  • Engine parts and service
  • Brake systems
  • Electrical systems and components
  • Cooling Systems
  • Suspension 
  • Transmission
  • Headlight restoration