Independent Maserati Specialist

Independent Maserati Specialist West Palm Beach

The Palm Beach Garage is a trusted and top-rated independent Maserati specialist that has been serving the Palm Beach County area for over 20 years. As a Maserati dealership alternative, we provide mechanical and restoration services under one roof. We are well-known for our complimentary vehicle pickup and dropoff services, providing convenience and excellent customer service to each client.

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Save Money with Independent Maserati Specialists

It is not uncommon for our Maserati customers to tell us that our car repair and restoration services are a fraction of the cost of the dealership. In fact, The Palm Beach Garage is often 40% cheaper than the dealership, with no sacrifice in diagnostic equipment, mechanics, or repair services. We also offer Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts to all of our clients and avoid third-party aftermarket parts.

In addition to these cost savings, many clients come to know us for our full suite of services including restoration of classic, antique, or vintage Maserati’s, internal repairs such as upholstery or convertible tops, and fine automobile storage.

Better Convenience with Independent Maserati Specialists

When you book an appointment with The Palm Beach Garage, one of our customer service representatives will come to your home or office to pick up your vehicle. Unlike the dealership, we’ll have you in and out for routine services and conveniently drop off your car wherever you’d like. For longer-term restoration or repair services, we’ll provide an estimate of any work that needs to be performed so you know exactly when your car will be ready.

When your car is ready to go, we’ll provide a complimentary wash and get it back to you in better condition than it was when it came in.

Trust The Palm Beach Garage as Your Dedicated Maserati Specialist

Outside AC compressor issues there might be some other areas of your car that are causing heating and cooling issues. Electrical fans or dash controls may also be culprit in these issues. While we are looking at your BMWs air conditioner, we’ll also make sure your cabin filter is replaced and your car’s evaporator case is free of mold. This helps keep smells at bay and ensures peak efficiency.

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The Palm Beach Garage has maintained our clients for as long as we’ve been in business. Our dedication to high-quality work, convenient offerings, excellent customer service, and a full suite of automotive services make us second to none. Contact us today to schedule your Maserati’s service, repair, or maintenance today.