BMW Restoration Specialists

The Palm Beach Garage has been providing world-class BMW restoration services in the Palm Beach area for nearly two decades, ensuring all clients get our standard white-glove treatment.

Our team of mechanics, parts-sourcing experts, and BMW classic car enthusiasts are here to help restore your BMW to its former glory, no matter the size or the scope of your restoration goals.

BMW Classic Car Restoration

Whether your BMW is in need of a few minor upgrades with some hard-to-find parts or a full blown mechanical overhaul, we can help. We understand the challenges that come with restoring classic BMWs and the attention to detail that BMW collectors come to expect.

Find a classic BMW in a barn that needs some tuning? Finally getting around to putting your old garage-bound classic on the road again? Have a BMW that has been plagued with rust that just needs some professional tender loving care? The Palm Beach Garage can help.

Vintage, Antique, & Classic BMW Repair

No matter the age of your BMW, The Palm Beach Garage can repair or restore it. We’ve worked with vintage BMWs, antique BMWs, and classic BMWs and a number of different owners with completely different restoration goals.

If you are looking for a team of BMW experts to bring your vision to life, contact the BMW restoration specialists at The Palm Beach Garage today.

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