BMW Air Conditioning Repair

If the air conditioner in your BMW is not blowing hot or cold air, you’ll want to determine if it is a quick fix or requires more professional troubleshooting. At The Palm Beach Garage in West Palm Beach, the majority of the BMW AC repair issues we see are for cold air problems given the tropical climate we live in. However, many of our clients are snowbirds and we understand how to troubleshoot and fix heating and cooling problems.

Troubleshooting Your BMWs AC for Leaks

One of the first steps to take when you suspect your AC to be problematic is to inspect it for leaks. If there is fluid in your garage or parking spot, it may be from your AC. You can recharge the BMWs AC fluid on your own with the help of a local parts store, or you can bring it in to our shop for a more thorough diagnosis.

BMW AC Failure

If self-diagnosing is leading you nowhere or you can’t seem to determine the cause of your AC problems, there may be a more serious refrigerant problem that is affecting your compressor or other parts.If this is the case we’ll diagnose the full AC system to determine what your options are.

Other Common BMW AC Issues

Outside AC compressor issues there might be some other areas of your car that are causing heating and cooling issues. Electrical fans or dash controls may also be culprit in these issues. While we are looking at your BMWs air conditioner, we’ll also make sure your cabin filter is replaced and your car’s evaporator case is free of mold. This helps keep smells at bay and ensures peak efficiency.

Contact us for BMW AC Repairs in West Palm Beach

BMWs generally have reliable air conditioners but every once in a while this all important component of your car will need some extra attention. Contact The Palm Beach Garage if you are in the South Florida area and need a BMW air conditioner repair specialist to help keep your AC in top shape.